Project Peru: Library and Summer camp

We are currently organizing multiple projects for the children in Peru, and we would like to ask for your support to fund these projects.

In Peru, English education is not required, therefore the children do not have the opportunity to learn English.We are working with a school, colegio chanchan to improve the quality of education, and to motivate the peruvian kids to learn English.

As books are expensive in Peru (especially english books) we have collected over 6big boxes of donations of English books and are currently sending it to Peru. And further more, our team will be going to Peru (From chile and Japan) to build a library, and to conduct a week long "summer camp" for the kids in Peru.

Using the donated books we will prepare a book shelf to start our library, as we plan to keep collecting books, for
the kids in Peru to have the opportunity to read in English.

Through the summer camp, working with University Students in Peru we will be conducting a "summer camp", doing team bonding excercises, art, sports, dance,reading activities to motivate the children to read and most importantly, English activities. The schools in Trujillo lack many aspects of education, but education outside the classroom is something very important for the children, and we want to share the opportunity and cultures of "summer camps" for the children. We have also collected letters from stuents from Japan and Chile, as we have done lectures about educational inequality in the world, and to share about why we should care for others. the objective of the letter was for students to think about others, and to connect the studnets between Japan, Chile with the studnets of Peru, for the children to "make friends" with children that live on the other side of the world, while sharing cultural differences.
The funds raised will be to cover a part of our transportation, to buy book shelves, the cost of the books, and buying sports equipments, paintbrushes, materials to conduct arts and craft activities. Activities Science Class :Experiments
Dance Class :Hip Hop
English Class :Activities and Reading Circles
Health Class : Nutrition, Sicknesses
Geography : Different Cultures, history
Art Class: Sustainable eco art and activities with the children
The one week camp will be conducted in collaboration with local students, and the school, colegio chanchan currently has approximately 150students.

This project is not a one-time-only project, but we hope to continue with projects and programs to constantly support the schools in Trujillo.

To see more about our project, check our website

We are also organizing a project with our team-chile, with schools and foundations here in Santiago.
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