Change For Tucker

Hello! We are Sweets Pets Peru, a dog shelter in Trujillo, Peru with 40 dogs, placed near the beach of Huanchaco. Recently, Five of our lovely dogs have been adopted, and we are very happy with are achievements.
Today, we would like to ask you for your help to raise funds for our dog shelter. We currently have a big space near the beach of Huanchaco. For the past two years I have been feeding and medically taking care of the dogs alone out of my own financial resources. This financial burden, along with being the only constant person in the dog’s lives has begun to take a toll on me and my ability to help the dogs to the extent to which they require. This fund raise would assist me with various necessities the dogs require and to make the shelter see change that is much needed for its prolonged sustainability.

We are doing a crowdfund raise of $2,500 USD to assist with the following desired needs:

1. To vaccinate the dogs with three much needed types of vaccinations: The Rabies, Quintuple, sextuple which will be needed for the 40 dogs we currently care for;

2. To pay for medical treatment for 5 dogs that currently havevarious injuries and sickness from the cold.

3. To pay for dogfood, as the dogs currently consume about 600kgs of food every month , anddue to extraordinary expenses accumulated the past few months(we had a few dogs pass away from distemper and cold), we would like to stock up on our food supplies.

4. To add a roof, and buy new bowelsfor food/water, blankets to help keep them warm in the cold winter ocean breeze, separate dog houses, items to clean the space where the dogs currently sleep. We hope that adding dog houses or individual shelter kennels will help with the dogs temperament and make it much easier to care for dogs individually.

This will be a first step, into building and transforming our dog shelter into something more sustainable, in order to work with future dogs that may come, or for our dogs that may find a future home.

We have named our campaign, Change for Tucker, as Tucker has become a very popular name for dogs in the USA, and just a little spare 'Change' can go a long way.So we adopted this name for our campaign as many can relate to the dogs needs here and every little bit helps tremendously. Many of these street dogs are abandoned or mistreated and have run away from their current homes. We have taken in all the Tucker's we can at this time and we want to provide them with the best life we can until hopefully they are adopted or we expand our location to help shelter more dogs.

1. Any loose change you accumulate after your cup of morning coffee, or from lunch or brunch with friends, or any other small donation that you donate to our shelter wouldhelpchangethesituation for our K9 friends so much.

2. We hope that Change for Tucker can bring awareness to all the Tucker's out there in Peru,where, unlike many first world countries, there are dogs everywhere on the street. Mariella, the dog shelter owner, out of the deep compassion she has for dogs, started this to help provide them with a home, feed them, take care of them, and to hope for a better future. With your help we can transition our shelter to give our K9 friends here as comfortable a home as they can currently find.

Dogs are a humans best friend, they're loving, charming, and we would just appreciate your help so much.Please helpus to raise fundsfor all of our Tucker's we shelter here at Sweet Pets!
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Sweets Pets

Created Jul 18, 2018 Trujillo, Peru

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