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Los olivos te quiero verde

Asociacion nac frente de mujeres

Las campaña de reforestación "los olivos te quiero verde". Nace de...

$0 USD Raised 0%

Goal $3,500 USD

Elephant Charity Bracelet

Educate For

Hi! We are Educate For. We are currently selling Elephant- Charity Bracelets to...

English Volunteers Needed

Educate For

Hi! We are looking for people who can join our Educate For volunteer team to con...

Donaciones para Educate For

Educate For

Hello, we are Educate For. Please donate to us so that we can continue with our...

2019 Summer School Program


Every kid wants to go to summer camp, but not all can afford it. Our Summer Scho...

Project Peru: Library and Summer camp

Educate For

We are currently organizing multiple projects for the children in Peru, and we w...

$400 USD Raised 40%

Goal $1,000 USD

School Materials for Kids in Trujillo, Peru

Peru Vivential

We are a NGO in Trujillo, Peru called Peru Vivential.We help out two local schoo...

$201 USD Raised 13%

Goal $1,500 USD

Volunteering at a School in Trujillo, Peru

Peru Vivential

Hello we are Peru Viviential and we are looking for international volunteers who...

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Goal 8